Real Talk (Women)

Real Women Flyer 2Purpose:  The purpose of “Real Talk for Women” is to cultivate young women of Paseo Baptist Church (PBC) to build stronger relationships with Christ and with each other (Proverbs 31:30.)

Mission:  To create a sisterhood within Paseo that consists of women who share the love of Christ with each other.


  • To help young women create connections in Paseo Baptist Church.
  • To engage the ladies of Paseo and provide fellowship opportunities.
  • To reach out to members of the community looking for sisterhood and fellowship opportunities.
  • To welcome and engage new women of Paseo and help them become a productive part of the body of Christ by helping them to develop their spiritual gifts to serve the Lord.

Real Talk Women and Real Talk Men meet together once a month to discuss common issues.  For further information about Real Talk Sister Circle contact Chantae Simmons of the church at 816-921-6842.