Real Talk (Men)

Real Talk Men 2013Who?  Men of all ages with an emphasis on men between the ages of 18-45.

What?  Real Talk is a cutting edge men’s ministry geared towards providing the support and accountability men need to live their lives based on the WORD of GOD.  Men gather to speak openly about their struggles and to gain the spiritual insight they need to become godly men, for themselves, their families, and their community.  Our goal is to have men grow in the knowledge and wisdom of what GOD says about being a wonderfully created man.

Why?  Because as fallen beings we need a place to learn how to be the men GOD has created us to be and to encourage each other during our daily struggle.

I am ….

A son

A young Man

A single Man

A married Man

An accomplished Man

A father and friend

A misunderstood Man

Join us as we help each other live the lives GOD intended for us as CHRISTIAN MEN.  Once a month the Real Talk Men and Real Talk Women meet together to discuss issues.  Contact Brother Patrick Green by telephone at 816-921-6842  for further information.