Counseling Ministry

God’s Word:  A Treasure of Wisdom

The Counseling Ministry offers training for the individual who desires to be used by God in the ministry of counseling.   This is a three year course which begins with self counseling.   The second year focuses on the principles of individual, family, marital and pre-marital counseling.   The third year is an internship which provides the opportunity for the student to be engaged in actual counseling under the direction of a certified biblical counselor.

What is a Biblical Counselor?

A biblical Counselor is someone who is trained in the use of the scriptures and the principles of biblical counseling.   That individual is committed to the position that the Word of God as contained in the scriptures provides all that is needed for living and is the only authoritative rule of faith and conduct.

Who should take the training?

The Biblical Counseling Training program is designed for Pastors and for the laity who believe that God’s word changes lives and God’s people can have a part in seeing these changes come about.

For further information concerning the Paseo Counseling Ministry Biblical Counseling Training program click on the following link to view the brochure:  Biblical Counseling Training Brochure.

To enroll in the classes for the first or second semester  please contact the Counseling Ministry to obtain enrollment information.