Scholarship Committee


The Dr. Charles J. Briscoe Achievement Scholarship recognizes, rewards, and assists students’ academic accomplishments and pursuits.  High school students enrolled in college level courses (minimum of 12 hours per semester), graduating high school seniors, college students in undergraduate programs (minimum of 12 hours per semester) and adults in training or vocational programs are eligible to apply for an award.  Those not meeting the required GPA may still apply to receive a need stipend that may be available based on other awards issued and funding available.

Scholarships are awarded based upon:

  • Paseo Baptist Church membership, six months minimum.
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • Acceptance at a college/university or vocational school.
  • Church, school and community participation.
  • Two letters of recommendation –one personal and one academic on letterhead paper.
  • An essay response to questions relative to their Christian experience.

For consideration of an award for the next school year, the Scholarship application must be submitted and postmarked by Saturday,  April 15, 2017.  See “Downloadable Forms” at the bottom of this web site to obtain a copy of the 2017 application.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Reaner Shannon at 816-921-6842.

For information on the 2nd Chance Scholarship Program please click here.  Then click on ‘Apply Today’ and then ‘Opportunities.’  You will then find other scholarships that you may be interested in applying for.