Online Giving


You can now contribute your Tithes and Offerings online! Click on the “Giving” link at the top of the website in the header or at the bottom of the website under the “Online Services” heading. Click on “Add to Tray.” Enter the amount you would like to contribute. Click on “Complete Contribution.” On the Check […]

Weekly Bulletin and Upcoming Events


  Our weekly bulletin can be viewed at the following link: eBulletin 11.22.15 eBulletin 11.15.15 eBulletin 11.08.15 eBulletin 11.01.15   See additional programs and events for the coming months in our calendar at the link below. Church Calendar    

Paseo Baptist Learning Center Open Enrollment


The Paseo Baptist Learning Center is now accepting applications for the Fall 2014-2015 school year. We offer an Abeka Curriculum which focuses on the mind, body and spirit.   We provide math, reading, music, social studies, health, black history, arts/crafts and more, with love and discipline by excellent teachers in a safe and loving environment. The […]

Order These Series

Family Matters Slide

Purpose – 8 CD’s – $45.00 A Clear Word – 4 CD’s – $20.00 Don’t Give Up – 5 CD’s – $28.00 Listen Up Church – 8 CD’s – $45.00 A Theology of Brokenness – 6 CD’s – $35.00 Loving Through the Ugliness – 6 CD’s – $35.00 The Unit – 9 CD’s – $55.00 […]

PBC Announcement Television


To see this week’s video announcements of news, events and items of interest, please click this link: PBC180 Announcement Television 05-31-15 PBC180 Announcement Television 05-24-15 PBC180 Announcement Television 05-10-15 PBC180 Announcement Television 05-03-15   For our monthly calendar of events, please click this link: Church Calendar    

Men’s Ministry Breakfast and Evangelism


The Men’s Ministry fellowships with a breakfast and a word of encouragement the fourth Saturday of each month.  Please join the Men’s Ministry for this time of worship and fellowship at Paseo Baptist Church.   All men are welcome to come and bring a young man with them.