Our History

The video below takes you from the current sanctuary of the Paseo Baptist Church through the Kansas City, Missouri, area where our previous edifices were located.   Come along with us on this journey in time by clicking on the arrow in the lower left hand corner of the picture. 

Paseo Baptist Church 127th Anniversary from Samuel Payne on Vimeo.



Paseo Baptist Church * Kansas City, Missouri


Paseo Baptist Church (1931)
2009-Present Dr. Gregory E. Ealey
2003-2008 Rev. Delmar White
1967-2003 Dr. Charles Briscoe, Pastor
1931-1967 Rev. D. A. Holmes

Vine Street Baptist Church (1896)
1921-1931 Rev. D. A. Holmes, Pastor
1897  Rev. H. T. Ewing, Pastor
Rev. Dan Jones, Pastor

Mount Carmel Baptist Church (1888)
Rev. C. Shackeford, Pastor
Rev. J. A. D. Jenkins, Pastor

Shiloh Baptist Mission (1884)
Rev. G. A. Turner, Pastor



The Paseo Baptist Church was organized in 1884 as the Shiloh Baptist Mission. The organizers and original members held their meetings at 20th Street and Baltimore Avenue. There were fourteen charter members with two deacons, Eli Harris and Lewis Harris. The first Pastor and organizer of Shiloh Baptist Mission was Reverend G.A. Turner.

The Mission later moved to Harrison Street between 18th and 19th Streets. The next move was to 1322 East 18th Street. At this location, the Church was organized as the Mount Carmel Baptist Church. Four deacons were appointed, namely George Shannon, Henry Johnson, Major Hyde and Mose Owens, who were not ordained.

In 1888, the Reverend C. Shackleford was called as the second Pastor. At this time the Deacon Board added the following members: Henry Bartley, James Long, James Anderson, R.W, Alexander, G.W Finney, and H.J. Spigner. Deacon Spigner held the office of Church Secretary until Reverend D.A. Holmes was called.

Reverend J.A.D. Jenkins was called as the third Pastor. The fourth Pastor, Reverend Dan Jones, served the Church from 1895-1896. During his pastorate, the Church moved to its new location at 1825 Vine Street on July 20, 1896. The fifth Pastor, Reverend TH. Ewing, was called in February 1897. Under Reverend Ewing’s pastorate, the following deacons were appointed: R.W Alexander, G.W Finney, Henry Bartley, Thomas Pollard, Thomas Glenn, DA Sizemore, G.J. Haynes and Dr. M.H. Lambright.  D.L Lambright was never ordained as a deacon because he moved away from the city. Members of the Trustee Board at that time were: John Reed, William Hill, C.H. Harris, S.T Allen, D.W Rose, and E.A. Boaz, Chairman.

In 1921, Reverend Daniel Arthur Holmes was called as Pastor. Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Holmes, far reaching changes played a vital part in the Church’s growth. It was under the pastorate of Dr. Holmes that Paseo Baptist Church ministries and outreach programs grew significantly. The Church assumed a vibrant and vital role in the religious and civic life of Kansas City.

In 1931, Paseo Baptist Church moved to its present edifice facing Paseo Boulevard at the southeast comer of 25th Street. The cost of erecting this Church was $250,000. In 1958, many improvements were made in the Church. These changes were designed to add additional beauty and convenience to the Church edifice.

In May of 1967, Pastor Charles J. Briscoe was installed as the seventh spiritual leader of this flock A man of wisdom and insight, Pastor Briscoe sought to strengthen the Church family spiritually by encouraging Bible study groups and by providing the opportunity to take part in various workshops and study courses.

Pastor Briscoe introduced the idea of Capital Stewardship Campaign in January 1992, to finance his vision of adding an educational wing to the existing structure. What was begun in January 1992 became a reality in October 2000, when the South Wing was dedicated. In addition to adding over 13,000 square feet of classrooms, offices and meeting space, in the new $1.5 million South Wing, there was the installation of a modern public address sound system, energy efficient windows throughout the Church, the purchasing and paving of two parking lots, remodeling of the kitchen and upgrading of the heating and air-conditioning systems and new lighting in the main sanctuary. To enhance the services and make the Church operations more efficient a number of pieces of equipment have been purchased. In addition, the Church has purchased several parcels of land directly to the South of the Church for future expansion and possible development of a family life center. The lower auditorium beneath the main sanctuary has been remodeled and new pews, together with new carpeting, have been installed in the main sanctuary.

Paseo Baptist Church has always played a prominent role in the development of the Kansas City Community. The late Carl Johnson, who served as chairman of the Board of Trustees for many years was the first Africa-American to be appointed as a judge in Jackson County, Missouri. Pastor Briscoe was the first Africa-American to serve as President of the Board of Education of the Kansas City, Missouri School District, the largest school district in the metropolitan area. Ms. Helen Ragsdale, a long time member of the church and retired teacher from the Kansas City, Missouri School District, also served as President of the Board of Education. Dr. W.R. Peterson, who served as chairman of the Board of Trustees, was also chief of Staff of the historic Queen of World Hospital, which at one time was the only hospital serving African-Americans in Kansas City.

Lawrence Blankinship, retired business leader in the Kansas City Community and retired member of the Board of Trustees, was only the second African-American elected to the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to the foregoing, among the membership of Paseo has always been a significant number of educators who have played a major role in the educational development of African-American children in Kansas City.

The Church outreach ministries have included sponsoring a missionary to the Foreign Field, sponsoring Ethiopian Refugees; Summer Missions where Vacation Bible School classes were conducted in places such as Montego Bay, Jamaica (1987); supporting the Urban Life Ministries, the Evangelism/Discipleship Visitation Teams; Women’s and Men’s Retreats; the inter-cultural experience of an Annual Worship Fellowship with the First Baptist Church of Shawnee, and assistance in sponsoring the Paseo Baptist Church of Johannesburg, South Africa. Our home missions include the Paseo Learning Center.  This ministry was initiated under the leadership of Pastor Briscoe and has operated for over 30 years.

In 2003 the church body voted to call to serve as eighth Pastor of Paseo Baptist Church the Reverend Delmar A. White of Topeka, Kansas. Under his leadership the Charles J. Briscoe Scholarship fund was established which gives thousands of dollars a year to those who aspire higher education.

After a long and prayerful search, the church body voted to call our ninth senior pastor, Reverend Gregory E. Ealey of Dallas, Texas.  Pastor Ealey is married to Selena  Ealey and they are the parents of two sons, Elias and Emmanuel.